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Giving Your Bankroll a Bump

Every poker player finds their luck shifts at some point. Maybe you have had a few bad games and you're feeling that you don't have the financial padding that you want going into future games. Whatever the case, there are some strategies to give your bankroll a much needed influx in the short term.

Tighten Your Game

Often if you find you are losing more frequently, you may be battling when all signs point to folding. When you know you are beat, or you are depending on the river card to give you some luck, it may be time to step away from the hand and save your money for another. When people are behind it is tempting to consider taking unnecessary risks in the hope you are buoyed by luck. This is not a winning strategy, and you should take the time to decipher your odds in the hand and step away when they are not in your favour.

Try New Things

If what you are currently doing isn't working, shake it up. Try different tables and see if the atmosphere change breathes new life into your game. The difference might make you refocus your concentration and you may find the excitement return. A new table might have a different level of competition, one from which you might profit. Look for bonus offers in other rooms to see if some extra cash can be infused to your bankroll in this manner. Even if breaking even, your bankroll may find some additional funding with the bonuses.

Above all, reassess your motivation, and if you've lost it, you must get it back. Some people find they fall into bad patterns and end up just phoning in their games. If you are playing for money, this is a recipe for disaster. Put as much care into your poker venture as you would any other job and hopefully your skill will shine.